Japanese best sellers written on mobiles


Japanese best sellers written on mobiles

# Half of the 10 best-selling novels this year in Japan were written on mobile phones. They have been sold 400,000 copies on average.

They are usually written by novice novelists and are mainly addressed to young girls. They most often tell stories of love, sex and drugs experienced by teenagers.

The first version is designed to be played as very short episodes on a mobile phone. The Sydney Morning Herald, which provides the information, also emphasizes that readers buy the paper version because they have sent their comments to the author and they consider they have participated in the book.

Proponents of traditional Japanese literature are worried about the use of ultra-short phrases with emoticons. Some of them, however, welcome the contribution of this new form to the evolution of language.

Duncan Riley, who takes up the news in TechCrunch, does not imagine such a phenomenon in the West but recalls that Japan is often ten years ahead in this kind of cultural evolution related to technology.

This news is one of the ones that impressed me the most in recent weeks. What do you think?

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